SCM Backup uses NLog for logging.

All console outputs are also generated via logging (with a CompositeLogger which logs to the console and to NLog).

So all console outputs are in the log files as well.

Log levels

To keep it simple, SCM Backup only has four log levels.

The ConsoleLogger outputs all levels except Debug.

The NLogLogger maps SCM Backup’s log levels to a subset of NLog’s log levels.

NLog is configured via NLog’s regular NLog.config file, so all possible NLog configuration settings apply.

For example, you can change the minimal log level to Debug (default: Info), to log additional information:

  <logger name="*" minlevel="Debug" writeTo="f" />

Log files

The log files are in a subfolder named logs in SCM Backup’s application folder.

On each application start, a new log file (scm-backup.log) is generated.

Old files are available in the archive subfolder.