Making a new release

To make a new release version, the following steps must be followed:

1. Determine the new version number

SCM Backup uses Semantic Versioning.

The new version number must be in “three-digit” MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format, for example 1.0.0 !!

2. Release the application

Each push to master creates a new CI build on AppVeyor anyway.

Create a new release by creating a Git tag in the main repository with the new version number.

The CI build will recognize this and automatically use this version number to create a new GitHub release.


Don’t forget to actually push the tag! Git doesn’t do this automatically.

  • From the command line, it’s git push origin 1.0.0.

  • In Git GUI, you need to set this checkbox when pushing:


3. Release the docs

  • Set the version and release numbers in the Sphinx configuration file to the new version number.

    Set version to the short X.Y format, e.g. 1.0.

    Set release to the full three-digit format determined in step 1, e.g. 1.0.0.

    Apparently Read the Docs uses this number at least in the automatically created PDF.

  • Create the same “version number” Git tag (like in the main repository) in the documentation repository as well.

    This will create a version of the documentation for this release, making use of Read the Docs’ versioning capabilities.