Configuration settings for backing up repositories from Bitbucket.


Known limitations:

  • Issues are not backed up


For the basics, please read the Sources section first.

For Bitbucket, the hoster entry in the config file needs to look like this:

hoster: bitbucket


Without authentication, SCM Backup can only backup your public repositories.

In this case, it shows a warning:


To backup your private repositories as well, you need to authenticate:

  • To backup a user’s repositories, you need to authenticate with that user.
  • To backup a team’s repositories, you need to authenticate with a user who has sufficient permissions to that team’s repositories.

Create an app password for SCM Backup for that user:

  1. In the user’s settings on Bitbucket, go to the App passwords area ( and create a new app password. Give it at least the following permissions:

    • Account: Read
    • Repositories: Read
    • Issues: Read
    • Wikis: Read and write
  2. Put the username and the app password into the authName and password properties of the source in the config file.


      - title: some_title
        hoster: bitbucket
        type: org
        name: your_team_name
        authName: your_user_name
        password: your_app_password

    This will backup the repositories of the team your_team_name, but authenticate with the user your_user_name and the app password.